Thursday, 26 May 2011

Sometimes Forget

people sometimes get selfish
but what can makes a person heart change?
- beautiful manners -
The beautiful manners will speak for us
the beauty of kindness and goodness that people did to us may makes us start to think about others and reflect..

people talking bad to you
people did the bad things to you
people that really make you pissed off

how will you react?

will you  talk the same bad way as them?
will you want to do greater badness to them?
or will you just be patient and calm down

be gentle in your speech no matter how mad you are
because speaking badly will not make any differences 
in fact no good at all
avoid arguing, avoid complaining.

that's what our beloved prophet taught us. - to be ethical. good manners

 “The believers are the people that love other people and are loved by them; those that get along with other people and themselves well.” 

“The people who say bad things about other people, who curse other people, who habitually say bad things and who perform bad actions are not believers.” 

did we really apply it in our life?
reminders and reflections for myself

life teaching me a lesson that I hope I will not forget
a lesson that makes me learnt

thank you Allah for this beautiful lessons for my life.

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